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boycott BlackboardBoycott Blackboard, Inc. for fabricating this ill-conceived and illegitimate patent against the education industry.
Patents are granted for inventions. So, what did Blackboard invent anyway?

I teach on both sides of our department (mathematics and Computer Systems), I suppose with more responsibilities on the computer side.
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If you were sent to an island and could only bring 10 albums (CD's) what would you bring? I have not revised this in a (long) while, I think I might 'pack' some different albums:

Sgt. Peppers Album coverBeatles, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

-Jimi Hendrix, Band of Gypsys
- C.S.N.&Y., Deja Vu
-Beatles, Revolver
- Neil Young, Weld (the original 3 disk set, w/ Arc)
-Bob Marley, Exodus
ELP Debut album cover Emerson Lake & Palmer, self titled
-The Who, Who's Next
Buddy Guy coverBuddy Guy, You Damb right I got the Blues
-This Mortal Coil, Filigree & Shadow

Recently removed:Rage Against the Machine, self titled; I have not liked any of the follow ups as much. However, it is impossible for me to say much against Rage, since I am such a Tom Morello fan (Harvard political science - it is his arena).

If you have a better List of 'Desert Island Picks™', I would like to see it.
§---» Fairly Recent Albums worth a listen (I wrote this TEN years ago!)«---§
(Not really recent - but one of these days when I have some time ......)
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(No order here) Generally these are not the 'official' band websites, those are too tame.
Last year's: (or, since I updated this so long ago, before you were born) TUNES
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The Monty Python page
Monty pythonline
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